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Introducing Our Used 40ft High Cube Standard Containers

Discover the expansive world of storage with our used 40ft high cube standard containers. These containers have a rich history of global travel, each bearing distinctive signs of their journeys – minor wear and the occasional tear, all part of their unique charm. We guarantee that every container is thoroughly certified to be completely wind and watertight, ensuring a durable and long-lasting storage solution. Their structural integrity is top-notch, with no holes, and each is equipped with a sturdy wooden floor in excellent condition. In terms of appearance, these containers vary in color and may feature the original logos from their shipping days, adding an element of authenticity. Ideal for a variety of land-based applications, particularly for those requiring extra storage space, our pre-used high-cube shipping containers are an outstanding choice.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Our 40ft high cube containers offer even more space, typically measuring about 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 9.5 feet in height. This extra height provides an internal space of approximately 344.4 square feet and an external space of 360 square feet, making them perfect for larger or taller storage needs.

Seamless Delivery Preparation

To ensure your high cube container is delivered without any complications, please keep in mind the following:

  • Space Requirements: A clear access path of at least 12ft in width is crucial for the delivery truck.
  • Surface Conditions: The delivery site should have a hard, stable surface to support both the truck and the container effectively.
  • Level Ground: Our tilt bed delivery system requires a flat area for the safe placement of the container.
  • Clearance for Delivery: Ensure there’s sufficient space in front of the container placement area, ideally three times the length of the container, for the truck’s maneuverability.

Our Quality Commitment

Each high cube container is certified and approved by a Shipping Container Depot Expert, ensuring:

  • ISO Certification: Adherence to international standards.
  • Wind and Watertight Integrity: Rigorous checks to ensure complete protection against wind and water.
  • Durable Wooden Flooring: Equipped with strong, marine-grade plywood flooring for extended durability and moisture resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Delivery Timeframe: Delivery typically occurs within 3 to 7 business days following order confirmation and payment receipt.
  • Understanding ‘Wind and Watertight’: This indicates that the container is free from holes or cracks, has a sturdy floor, and tight door seals, offering full protection from the elements.
  • Color Selection: As our containers are pre-used, specific color selection is not available. They are stored in large quantities and chosen based on availability, offering a variety of colors.
  • Flooring Details: The floors are made of marine-grade plywood, known for its strength and resistance to moisture, supported by steel cross members and wooden joists.
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