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Prioritizing the Planet and Customers Alike.

At Shipping Containers Depot (SCD), we care deeply about the environment. We understand the significant impact the shipping container industry has on the environment and are committed to making a positive change. Our focus goes beyond just satisfying our customers to include being responsible stewards of the environment.

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Why Purchase Used Shipping Container From Us

Diverse Inventory

From 20 ft, 40 ft, and 40 ft HC Shipping Containers, Both New and Used, to Perfectly Match Your Specific Needs.

Beyond Storage

Our Containers Are Ideal for a Multitude of Applications – From Simple Storage Solutions to Innovative Custom Projects.

Trusted Quality

Each Container is Rigorously Inspected to Ensure Maximum Durability and Reliability, Regardless of Its Previous Life.

U.S. based

Experience support with our U.S.-based customer service team, ensuring your needs are understood and efficiently met.

Innovative Reuse of Shipping Containers.

The global production of shipping containers reaches up to 6 million units annually. A notable portion of these, about 13-18%, are diverted from shipping use, often relegated to mere storage solutions. This is a concerning trend, given the significant environmental cost of producing new containers, including the depletion of finite resources. At SCD, we’ve shifted our focus to repurposing these robust containers, thereby minimizing the need for new production and its associated environmental impact.

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Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solutions.

Opting for used containers not only offers our clients a cost advantage but also serves the greater purpose of environmental conservation. These durable and versatile containers are perfectly suited for various functions beyond their initial shipping role.

Emission Reduction Through Reuse.

The production of each standard 20ft container results in almost 12,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions. By emphasizing the sale of used containers, SCD actively contributes to a substantial reduction in these emissions. This strategic move aligns with our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable business practices.

SCD’s Sustainability Principles: Our Ethical Compass

Extending Container Life Cycle

We at SCD value the resilience of shipping containers. From enduring harsh climates to traversing global routes, their robustness is unparalleled. We are dedicated to giving these containers a new lease on life after their tenure in shipping, thus contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Our operational choices reflect our environmental commitment. From favoring rail transport over trucks to limiting air travel, we consciously opt for more sustainable alternatives. Understanding the inevitable environmental impact of our operations, we aim to minimize it as much as possible.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Recognizing that some emissions are unavoidable, we actively take initiatives to offset our carbon footprint, including incorporating emission considerations into our delivery services.

Transparent Environmental Reporting

Accountability is a cornerstone of our operations. We diligently track and publicly report our environmental performance, highlighting our achievements and improvement areas.

Promoting Positive Corporate Influence

We firmly believe in the power of business to drive positive change. Our vision extends beyond profit, aiming to create a positive impact on our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, and the global community. We are on our way to joining the global B Corp community, reflecting our commitment to social and environmental excellence.

Promoting Positive Corporate Influence

Collaboration and support for sustainable initiatives are part of our ethos. From offering internships to supporting fellow eco-conscious entrepreneurs, we aim to foster a network of individuals and organizations committed to sustainability.

Used Shipping Containers

Bring your ideas to life!

Contact us to explore our range of used shipping containers and take the first step in transforming your ideas into reality!

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