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Edward BulnesEdward Bulnes
17:26 12 Jul 24
Better Than ExpectedI’m very pleased with my container from Shipping Containers Depot; it’s better than expected with minimal rust and looks like it will last a long time. The floors are also in excellent condition, and the shipping company did a great job. I highly recommend them if you’re considering one of their containers.
juan carlos guzmanjuan carlos guzman
17:22 12 Jul 24
All Smooth, Highly RecommendEverything went smoothly from navigating the website to customer service responses, and the delivery was quick with a professional driver. The quality of the container was as described. Highly recommend.
Sarymolina_designer SMSarymolina_designer SM
17:10 12 Jul 24
Very Professional, Great ExperienceI was hesitant to purchase online, so I read reviews and found them very professional. Great job, great price, and great containers. I’m very happy. Thanks
Isaac LeivaIsaac Leiva
06:17 11 Jul 24
Fast Delivery, Excellent QualityWithin two days of ordering, I received the container from Shipping Containers Depot. Marlon Hernandez set it exactly where I needed it. The container was in top condition, with the flooring barely used and the seals on the doors intact. The exterior was nearly perfect except for one small welded repair. It was fantastic doing business with them. Thank you!
Used Shipping Containers

Pick Your Shipping Container

Select the size of the shipping container you need and request a quote, or click the button Request a Quote. Every container we offer is WWT-certified, ensuring versatility for all your project needs.

20 Ft Used Shipping Container

20 FT Used Shipping Container

Price varies depending on location

$1600 – $2100

Get Your Quote Today! To calculate delivery charges, first fill out the form and our team will provide you with a competitive quote within 24 hours.

40 Ft Used Shipping Container

40 FT Used Shipping Container

Price varies depending on location

$1800 – $2400

Get Your Quote Today! To calculate delivery charges, first fill out the form and our team will provide you with a competitive quote within 24 hours.

40 Ft Hc Used Shipoing Containers

40 FT HC Used Shipping Container

Price varies depending on location

$1800 – $2600

Get Your Quote Today! To calculate delivery charges, first fill out the form and our team will provide you with a competitive quote within 24 hours.

How to Buy a Used Shipping Container From Us.​

With our used shipping containers, you get more than just a product; you receive a guarantee of excellence, sustainability, and dedicated support.

Request a Quote

First, let us know what size, type, and how many used shipping containers you need. We’ll then locate the closest shipping container depot to you. We’ll give you a price for the container and an estimate for delivery. We use Uship to locate the best trucking service rate to deliver your shipping container.

Confident Online Ordering

Place your order through our secure online system. Following your order, our team will conduct a transparent escrow process for your peace of mind. An agent will then reach out to you with pictures, if available of the available containers, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the exact container you’re selecting

Container Selection and Assurance

Utilizing our extensive network and status as a major buyer of used shipping containers, we locate a high-quality container closest to your location. Our containers are sourced directly from active cargo circulation, providing a unit matching your specified criteria. While we cannot promise a specific color, rest assured that all our containers come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty covering structural integrity.

Efficient Container Delivery

Within one business day of your order, our team will confirm the details and arrange the logistics for your shipping container’s delivery. We collaborate with experienced local haulers equipped with specialized gear to place your container precisely where you need it. You’ll be informed of the scheduled delivery date shortly after placing your order, and our driver will contact you on the delivery day.

Shipping Containers Airbnb Design

Used shipping containers have found various innovative uses beyond their original purpose.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Commercial Spaces, Airbnb Rentals
  • Art Studios, Shops and Galleries
  • Emergency and Disaster Relief Housing
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Got Questions?

Buying Shipping Containers Frequently asked questions.

Our team of experts has meticulously crafted detailed responses to ensure that you receive accurate and helpful information.

Used Shipping Containers

To purchase a used shipping container, simply visit our website shippingcontainersdepot.com. We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs, including various sizes and conditions of containers. Our team will assist you in selecting the perfect container and guide you through purchasing. Contact us today to find the ideal shipping container for your requirements.

Prices vary based on size, condition, and location. In 2024, a new 20-foot container may cost $2,500 to $4,500, and a 40-foot container $4,000 to $7,000. Used containers range from $1,500 to $3,500 (20-foot) and $2,500 to $5,000 (40-foot). Prices fluctuate based on supply, demand, and global economic factors. When purchasing, consider additional costs like delivery and modifications.

Container shipping by truck costs about $3-$8 per mile. Factors influencing the price include distance, container size and weight, and cargo type. Additional costs may include loading/unloading, permits, and escort fees for oversized loads. Prices for a standard 20-foot container range from $500 to $1,500 and for a 40-foot container, from $800 to $2,000, varying based on these factors.

No. But consider local zoning laws and building codes first. Shipping containers require a level, stable surface for installation. Consider the container’s purpose and necessary modifications. Plan for security and be aware of the installation costs.

With proper maintenance, a shipping container can last 10 to 25 years, sometimes even up to 50 years. Key factors include preventing corrosion, protecting from extreme conditions, and regular maintenance and repairs.

Yes, they are designed to be waterproof (WWT – Wind and Water Tight) with high-grade steel and welded seams. However, waterproofing levels can vary based on age, condition, and quality. While waterproof, they are not completely airtight, which may affect internal humidity levels.

Yes, shipping containers can be effectively used to build Airbnb rentals. This innovative construction approach has gained popularity due to its sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and unique aesthetic appeal.

Absolutely! At Shipping Containers Depot, we offer containers that can be safely stacked up to eight levels high, even when they’re fully loaded. Just remember these key points for safe stacking:

  • Align the corner posts of each container.
  • Place smaller containers below larger ones.

Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring our customers are completely satisfied is our top priority. We aim for 100% satisfaction with every container purchased from us, and to achieve this, we provide a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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